A curriculum with certification for creating a positive learning environment

Our curriculum is focused on proactive strategies through the application of positive reinforcement.

It is the only curriculum and training in the world that is fully built upon Applied Behavior Analysis, the science of human behavior, designed to make a positive and lasting difference in your learning environmen

Yes, there are other systems out there that make claims of being based upon Applied Behavior Analysis, but when you look closer, you find coercive approaches and pop psychology.

system for creating safe and positive culture

Both PCM and EDBT certifications build mastery and fluency in skills that your staff can use to create a safe, positive environment that teaches, offers choice, empowers, and is collaborative

Even during a crisis!

What kind of Crisis are we talking about?

Students or Clients in your facility can misbehave, doing even worse things than in this image here.

The PCMA teaches its members how to deal with clients or students who show severe problem behaviors.

These behaviors, that range from the child's tantrum to an adult's full blown physical aggression and the injuries that follow is what we call 'Crisis'.

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Our systematic approach to help your organization become safe and effective with a positive culture

PCMA prescription