Train till it Sticks

One of the main differentiators between the PCMA approach and its competitors is that we 'train till it sticks', or in a more technical term: we train till we reach fluency, that is like muscle memory, is achieved. Staff should never hesitate, and without thinking be able to do the right things, especially during a crisis situation.

In this video Dr. Paul Gavoni explains the PCMA approach to skills training and how to ensure that the investment in training is not lost due to bad retention. In other words, how we make sure that a training 'sticks'.

The combination of training till fluency, precise objective criteria for when to do what, and the fact that every action, even the physical one during a crisis, is based on positive reinforcement, is why organizations that switch from other systems to PCMA report such drastic reductions in incidents, duration of incidents and even injuries.

Training 'till it sticks' is only one part of making sure that your organization embraces the new skillset. How you organize the adoption and support of our culture changing programs is described on this page.